A group of people with a very particular set of skills

Our team consists of young people with skill sets crossing many fields of expertise, but who are all excited about bringing blockchain technology to the masses.

How we started

After years of building and designing industrial grade software for commercial and governmental clients, the blockchain industry caught our eye. When we realized its enormous potential impact on many aspects of our lives, we decided to focus our efforts on creating digital experiences around this new phenomenon in particular.

Where we're heading

Building meaningful communities and brands around blockchain technology is our main goal. We do this by combining our deep understanding of web technologies with our background in user experience design. This allows us to build high performance web applications on a global scale.


Photo of Maarten Wiersema, Head of Business Development

Maarten Wiersema

Head Of Business Development
Photo of Wout Hoekstra, Full-stack Developer

Wout Hoekstra

Full-stack Developer
Photo of Nick Pater, Head of development

Nick Pater

Head Of Development
Photo of Mark Kooistra, Head of product & design

Mark Kooistra

Head Of Product & Design
Photo of Laura Lioe-A-Tjam, Graphic Designer

Laura Lioe-A-Tjam

Graphic Designer
Photo of Roelof van Luit, Content Writer

Roelof van Luit

Content Writer

External advisors

Photo of Henk Bethlehem, Legal Advisor

Henk Bethlehem

Legal Advisor
Photo of Rudolf Ophof, Financial Advisor

Rudolf Ophof

Financial Advisor